Bow Well Antiques

The History Of Bow Well Antiques

Bow Well Antiques takes its name and logo from the Bow Well, the public well and drinking fountain which stands at the junction of the West Bow and the Grassmarket in Edinburghs old Town in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle.

The well was  erected in 1674 and repaired in 1861 at the expense of Richardson Brothers snuff grinders and tobacco merchants  who occupied the building in which Bow Well Antiques have traded since 1989.  The Building is one of very few Scottish  Knights Templer buildings still in existence . 

In 1998 Murdo Mcleod bought out his business partner and continued to as sole owner assisted by his son Alasdair.            Bow Well Antiques has always specialised in Scottish antiques and highland dress with a strong accent on smaller items such a pottery  glass and especially            SCOTTISH AGATE JEWELLERY  , HIGHLAND DRESS and accessories, the unusual and interesting and the curious.

 Murdo Mcleod has researched the history of Scottish Agate jewellery from original sources looking into the inspiration and basis of the design, the manufacturers, lapidary's and silversmiths working in this trade .   

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