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Terms and conditions

governing transactions between Bow Well Antiques  and customers buying goods through our web pages.


2. Ordering

Goods may be ordered by completing the purchase order form on to the appropriate site. If we are able to fulfil your order we make an offer to sell. Your acceptance of that offer constitutes a sale.

3. Description of goods

The goods shall be as described on the site at the time of ordering. A hard copy of the description should be taken from the site, and a copy will be kept with our records.

4. State & condition of goods

Our descriptions and photos, where published, are a fair indication of the condition of the goods, but are, by their nature, subjective to some extent.
Any claim that the goods do not reasonably meet your expectation based on the description and photographs, should be made immediately on receipt. (disclaimer)

5. Delivery

We undertake to arrange for proper packing and carriage of your purchase through recognised world-wide carriers. Carriage will be charged at cost to the purchaser. Items will be delivered via registered mail to the UK and by UPS to the rest of the world.

6. Insurance

All goods are insured by us. A charge of 3% of the purchase price is added to the invoice to cover this. In exceptional cases, as shown in the description, insurance may have to be quoted separately.


To confirm the sale, an invoice will be sent by e-mail. Payment may be made by credit card, bank transfer, cheque or other method by arrangement. Credit card sales are covered by normal arrangements with credit card companies. Any money received under bank transfer is held in a trust (escrow) account awaiting notification from the customer that the goods have been received, and are accepted as described.
Notification of dispatch will be by e-mail. If no further communication is received from the purchaser, after three weeks (21 days from dispatch) the purchaser will be deemed to have accepted the goods and the sales proceeds , less our charges, will be transferred from the trust account to the seller.

8. Disputes

It has always been our policy to settle any dispute to our customers complete satisfaction and maintain good will please see disputes procedure below.  

9. Currency

All prices are quoted in pounds sterling, and payment should be made in that currency. The price is the same world-wide, and is 'net'. If paying by bank transfer, please ensure that all bank charges are charged to you, so that we receive the full amount set out on the invoice.

10. Responsibility for Taxes

ET is registered under the margin scheme for second-hand goods and antiques. No VAT (TAV) is therefore reclaimable by the purchaser in any state of the European Union. An invoice will be issued stating the price paid.

11. Entire Agreement

This agreement has to be read as a whole.

13. Law/jurisdiction

This agreement is governed according to the law in Scotland.


Problems may arise in two categories:

  1. Goods damaged or lost in transit

    1. Damage in transit: If you receive something damaged in transit you must notify us immediately by email. Failure to do so may invalidate the insurance All packaging must be kept for inspection and we will send you a claim form to be completed and returned to us.
    2. Non delivery: If you have not received the goods within seven working days of our e-mail informing you of the dispatch of the goods, please notify us.

  2. Quality and authenticity of the goods

    If you have a genuine complaint about the quality or authenticity of the goods which could not reasonably have been inferred from the published description (and photograph if applicable), please email us as soon as possible.

    In any event, notification should be made before the 21 day limit explained in paragraph 7 of the terms & conditions.

    Until the dispute is settled your payment will be retained in the trust account. In the event that no settlement is reached, the goods must be returned by our specified carrier using the same packaging by which they were originally sent. The cost of return transport charges and insurance will be charged to the seller, and once the goods have been received back, the purchase price, less outward transport charges will be refunded to the purchaser.

    As both parties stand to lose in the event of goods being returned in these circumstances, the onus is on the seller not to try to conceal material defects, and on the purchaser not to quibble over trivial defects.

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